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A helping hand for parent-students

Students who have children and who choose to pursue their school project and at the same time assume their parental responsibilities, find themselves with a great challenge: the reconciliation of family-studies and also family-work-study. Knowing that the daily life of a student-parent is full of obstacles and unexpected events, the Cigogne Association comes to the aid of families in need.

Cigogne's mission is to help student parents to reconcile their studies and their parenting role, by offering them: A warm welcome place, where they can find listening, support and help from other students living with the same problem. than them. Activities and services that meet their needs and those of their children. Information on their rights and the resources available to them. Tools to best exercise their responsibilities as a parent.


  • Provide student parents with a place to welcome, listen to and help each other to assume their responsibility as parents and their situation as students in the best possible conditions.

  • Provide the psychological support and material assistance necessary for pregnant students with or without a spouse.

  • Help pregnant students to complete their pregnancy and their studies in the best possible conditions.

  • Provide services to students expecting or having young children during their studies

  • Inform and guide young parents on the services available to them in society

  • Facilitate the integration of student parents into their study environment.

  • Make the study environment aware of the needs and living conditions of pregnant students and student parents.

Created in September 1997 by the Benoît-Lacroix Student Center, the Cigogne Association is aimed at pregnant students and student couples who have chosen to reconcile studies and their role as parents. The Cigogne Association was officially incorporated on January 29, 1999. It is a non-profit corporation.


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